Monday, February 28, 2011

Under the eyes of the law

Last night, Radiostar had its first recording session in one of its new homes. See, up until now, we've been recording in the rehearsal room of the Off Market Theatre on Mission St. in San Francisco. In fact, we ran the room until about a year ago, renting it out to other groups and generally being supportive members of the Off Market family. Well, after losing a lot of money (renting to poor theatre companies isn't exactly lucrative) we passed control over to PianoFight productions. We continued to record there until the owners of the building decided that they wanted to raise everyone's rent a TON, effectively shutting down the entire enterprise.

Episode #184, Secret Roof Party, was recorded in the last week of a series of shows designed to bid farewell to the Off Market Theatre.

Since then, we've been trying to figure out a home. The fabulous Diana Brown located a spot for us in the community room of a police station on the borders of Golden Gate Park. Dan Ronco has also located us a spot in North Beach, but we haven't had a chance to try it out yet due to everyone getting horribly ill with one thing or another.

Regardless, the police station will very likely become our quasi-permanent home. It's quiet, there's parking, private bathrooms, a whiteboard, and a nice pub just down the block for afterwards.

So, while we're still posting shows from our extensive backlog of recordings at the Off Market, know that we have survived the loss of our recording studio and continuing to bring you the best improvised plays on the 'net for years to come.

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